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The function of the respiratory system is to bring oxygen to the blood and to remove the carbon dioxide. The respiratory system is composed of two parts:
  •    Conducting Portion
  •    Respiratory Portion

The Conducting Portion consists of a series of cavities and tubes conducting air to the lungs.
The Conducting Portion is composed of :

  •     Nose
  •     Nasopharynx
  •     Larynx
  •     Trachea
  •     Bronchi
  •     Bronchioles (terminal and respiratory).

Some of these structures lie outside the lungs (extrapulmonary) and need cartilaginous supports in their walls, which provide rigidity and flexibility. Some of the structures are inside the lungs (intrapulmonary), where the need for structural support is less. The respiratory bronchioles constitute an area of transition between the conducting and respiratory portions.

The Respiratory Portion consists of :
  •     Alveolar ducts
  •     Alveolar sacs
  •     Alveoli

The exchanges of gases (respiration) only occurs in the alveoli.

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