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The pancreas makes a fat digesting enzyme, called lipase which works on digesting triglycerides, phospholipids and cholesterol in the small intestine. Phospholipids are a combination of fat and phosphate, and are the main component of cell membranes. Triglycerides, phospholipids and cholesterol are broken down into free fatty acids and other components, and absorbed into the mucosal cells that line the small intestine. The Mucosal cells arrange the fat components into transport vehicles called chylomicrons. They are rich in triglycerides and transport fat to the lymphatic vessels, and then on to the liver and fat stores in the body. The liver makes various transport molecules for fats such as HDL, VLDL and IDL, which take fats to and from various body tissues.
The liver plays a very important role in regulating the fats in our bloodstream. It determines how much cholesterol it should produce Ly monitoring how much cholesterol is in the bloodstream. The more Cholesterol you eat, the less your liver should manufacture, if it is healthy. Our liver acts like a filter, and helps to keep our bloodstream clean and prevents too much fat from accumulating in the bloodstream. In people with a fatty liver, this filter does not work efficiently; fatty tissue has been deposited in the liver, and excess fat accumulates in the bloodstream. This makes our blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels rise, and places is at increased risk of heart disease and strokes. A healthy liver removes excess fats from our body into bile, which then leaves our body through bowel motions.

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